Payment Options

Hello, fellow car enthusiasts! Welcome to - your ultimate hub for all things automotive aftermarket. We're all revved up to guide you through our convenient payment options. Let's break down the ways you can settle your purchases:

Advance Payment (Bank Transfer):

  • If you're inclined towards the classic approach, opt for our advance payment method. We'll promptly furnish you with our banking details via a separate email. Once your payment lands, we'll kickstart the shipping process for your order.

Pay Online (Accepted Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and More)

  • Powered By Stripe:Secure and Trustworthy: Your payment security is our priority. With Stripe, your payment information is encrypted and safeguarded for worry-free transactions.Choose "Pay Online" for a convenient and secure payment experience.

PayPal (Including Direct Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Account Purchases):

  • During the checkout journey, you'll seamlessly glide over to PayPal's realm. Be it your trusty debit card, credit card, or PayPal account, this is where the payment magic occurs. A quick registration or login might be in order, followed by confirming your payment order using your access credentials. Once the order is in, we'll signal PayPal to initiate the payment dance. From there on, it's a choreographed routine – automatic and graceful. You'll find all the pertinent details while completing your order.